How You Can Sell Your Kids Clothes

How You Can Sell Your Kids Clothes

As your children are continuing to grow, they also grow out of the clothes they are used to wearing. Instead of letting the clothes stay stocked up in the wardrobe you can make use of them by selling them to a second hands shop or your neighbours at home. Go through the clothes which are not worn sort them out, wash them thoroughly and then check out your options for selling in your local area and enjoy a fat wallet and a neat closet.

Taking your kids clothes to a thrift store

Thrift stores also need to make cash out of the clothes that you will take to them; hence they are selective about the types of clothes which they will choose. This means that you have to pick clothes that are in good condition and slightly worn in your children’s clothes. You can try to repair minor faults likes tears and missing buttons. You should also wash and fold the clothes that you have selected so that they are neat when taking them to the thrift shop.

Selling online

If you cannot find mortar and brick stores to sell your kids clothes, you should consider selling them online. Services such as or ThredUP accept kids clothing, and they can save you ample time. They will send you a prepaid bag which you will use to pack your items once you have the time. Also, you can decide to create an account with any auction website.

 You can use sites such as eBay although they will consume a lot of your time; however, you can still make money from them from the comfort of your home. When creating the account, you will be required to link up a valid PayPal account. If you don’t want to use eBay, you can use your Instagram account to sell the kids clothes.

Holding a garage sale

You should try to be a good neighbour and offer items that are not spoilt and torn at your garage sale. Go through all the clothes and look out for stains, tears, discolouration and stretched fabric. Also in your garage sale, you should not forget to launder and iron all the clothes.


If your kid’s wardrobe is filled with clothes which they don’t wear then its high time you made some cash from them by selling them at a garage sale, online or in thrift shops.

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