The 4 Best Apps to Sell Clothes Online Which You Don’t Wear

The 4 Best Apps to Sell Clothes Online Which You Don’t Wear

Everybody has some clothes which they no longer wear stored up in the wardrobes. Before you think about donating your clothes to the salvation army or goodwill, you should first try to turn the clothes that you don’t wear into cash. But with the availability of so many apps and websites, it might be hard for you to choose from. Below are some of the best apps which you can use to sell your clothes both online and near your area.


ThredUP consists of women’s brands, teens and kids and they have discounts going up to 90% in retail. After you download the ThredUP app, you will get a 20% off on the items which you have bought using your mobile and a promo code HELLO MOBILE. Selling clothes using ThredUP has never been easy. Your request for a free clean out kit, put your products inside and send the package for free. ThredUP then lists up your clothes, and you get your money after they are sold.


Poshmark has a variety of brands varying from petite, plus size and junior sizes. Also, the poshmark app will enable you to list all your products for free in minutes. But before you list your items you should first take some good photos with your smartphone, key in the description, the price and voila you are done! Shipping is also easy with Poshmark when you sell something in poshmark you will be provided with a prepaid and preaddresses label on the shipping box.


If you have designer clothes which you don’t wear Tradesy is the best place to take them. You can sell different items from wedding gowns, accessories, bags, clothing and shoes. Only unique and designer items are the ones which are listed on the Tradesy app. For you to sell an item in the app, you need to take some pictures, and the app will assist you in enhancing it as well as pricing the item.


Mercari app gives you the chance to sell used and new items such as jewellery, beauty, shoes, books, electronics and fashion. Sellers upload pictures of the items, type in a description, select a price and then post the item for free. After your item sells, you will receive a shippable digital label which is trackable.


The best app for you here will depend on the types of items that you are selling. All of the above apps both have their merits and demerits.

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